Did you noticed that your desire for seks is ebbing of? This can be a problem to admit and talk about with others, but you may be surprised at the numbers of people who share this problem. According to study 33% of women and 15% of men shares this problem.

Do what can you do to boost your libido?

1. Plan ways to reconnect.
Just because you are in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you should skip date night.
You don’t have to do crazy stuff, just a diner and a movie can do miracles for your connection and to feel the spark between you two.

2. check your medicine’s.
Even the use of birth control pills can affect your interest in sex.
Check all your medicine list and see if there are potential side effects if it comes to libido.
If they do, you can see your doctor and maybe there is a alternative.

3. Make a to-do list.
You probably have a couple of to-do lists that you use during the day or week.
Why not a sex to-do list?
If you really want to make a change in your sexlife you have to put some serious work in it.

It is not the romantic way to do so, but sometimes you need to refocus yourself and a to-do list could be the thing you need for now.