This Urban Collection from Toyjoy consists of 5 different massagers.

A fun new and exciting sensation for him alone or for you together.

We highlight them for you here.

Toyjoy Urban Elixer Vibrating Double Penetrator

Unlock extraordinary pleasure with ELIXER, the beaded double penetrator.

Indulge in sensational orgasms as its unique design delivers unmatched stimulation. Elevate intimacy and reach new heights of satisfaction with this remarkable sex toy.

Explore the world of magic like never before with ELIXER.

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Toyjoy Urban Zephyr Pulse Stroker and C-Ring

Discover the ZEPHYR, your all-in-one pleasure enhancer.

This ring transforms into a stroker or Cockring, adapting to your every desire.

Unveil the pulsating function inside, elevating sensations to new heights. Experience pleasure redefined with ZEPHYR – where versatility meets pulsating ecstasy.

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Toyjoy Urban Fushion Vibrating Couple Ring

Experience synergy with FUSHION, the couple’s delight. Ribbed pleasure points rest on the penis, transmitting vibrations for both with each stroke.

Elevate intimacy as shared sensations ignite passions anew.

Discover the perfect union of pleasure and connection with FUSHION – where shared desires find their harmony.

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Toyjoy Urban Nova Pulse Squeezable Stroker

Experience pure pleasure with NOVA, the ultimate stroker designed for your desires.

Squeezable for tailored pressure, its pulsating features create an electrifying experience.

Discover a new dimension of self-indulgence as NOVA adapts to your rhythm, making every movement an adventure in sensation.

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Toyjoy Urban Bronx Scrotum Sleeve Ring

Discover unparalleled pleasure with BRONX – a luxurious silicone sleeve that indulges your scrotum with unmatched sensation.

Embrace scrotal delight as it pulsates, igniting waves of ecstasy. Elevate intimacy with built-in massage movements that caress your desires.

BRONX: where luxury meets euphoria, taking you beyond pleasure’s limits.

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