Bijoux has an extensive Slow Sex line that stands for intimate care and stimulation.

We highlight a few products here:

Bijoux Indiscrets Slow sex Hair and skin shimmer dry oil 30 ml

If it hydrates and highlights, I want it!

Specially designed for skin and hair, this dry oil contains coconut oil and mica which hydrate and highlight the sexiest areas of your body: glutes, underarms, pubic area (even hair if you have it).

Plus, it smells amazing… mmmm coconut!

Don’t be shy, use it however you like. 

– 75% coconut oil equals maximum hydration! It’s also antibacterial.

– We don’t use microplastics.

The shimmer in this product is made from mica, a natural mineral that is kind to both your body and the environment.

– Compatible with toys, but avoid direct contact with condoms.

How to use it?

Just apply three little drops of this oil before your intimate encounters.

Squeeze the pipette to draw the oil into the applicator.

Unscrew the jar, choose your sexiest body part and squeeze again to dispense it onto your skin.

Rub in with your fingers.

Any tips?

Apply it wherever you like!

Suitable for use on skin or hair, including your pubic area (external use only).

30 ml

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Bijoux Indiscrets Slow sex Clitoral balm 10 ml

A warming-effect balm that will take you to climax!

Enjoy super intense sensations during your sexual encounters with this warming-effect balm exclusively designed for the clit.

Fast absorption provides an instant warming effect, and it contains ginseng and arginine which heighten sensitivity and sensations for the ultimate pleasure experience.

Get ready, you’ll be shaking from head to toe.

– Compatible with latex condoms and erotic toys.
– More pleasure: arginine and ginseng heighten sensitivity and increase blood flow to the clit.
– Warming effect: contains the patented molecule Thermolat.

How to use it?
To apply the balm, put some on your finger and rub it into the clit.

You’ll feel a warming sensation in a matter of seconds, with the effect lasting up to 40 minutes.

Repeat the process if you want to enhance the warming effect or its duration.

Any tips?
Use alongside “Finger Play” for direct stimulation of the clit.

This gel is perfect for masturbating with your fingers or a vibrator.

10 ml

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Bijoux Indiscrets Slow sex Mouthwatering spray 13 ml

aliva is one of the most arousing bodily fluids. Wanna play? 

Make your mouth water with this citrus flavour spray.

It contains malic acid, a natural acid that increases saliva production when it comes into contact with your tongue.

Let’s get wet, wet, wet!

Pssstttt, it’s perfect for tantalising oral sex sessions.

How to use it?
This liquid spray contains malic acid which boosts saliva production.

Spray it three times on your tongue and let the fun begin! Repeat if necessary.

Any tips?
Sexy, sexy, sexy! Saliva is your best ally for playing around during sex.

Don’t be shy: kiss, suck, lick, bite… until you can’t take anymore.

13 ml

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Bijoux Indiscrets Slow sex Full body massage 50 ml

Touch, caress and glide across their entire body.

Be creative and use more than just hands in your next erotic massage.

This silicone gel leaves skin silky smooth, perfect for body-on-body fun.

Use your chest or glutes to glide over your partner and… don’t be shy when you reach their intimate area!

It is 100% compatible with genitals.

Pssstttt, leave a tropical trail in a delicious coconut scent.

– Compatible with latex condoms. Avoid direct contact with silicone toys.
– Perfect for body-on-body massages and intimate massages: compatible with genitals.
– Massage until you can’t take anymore!

Long-lasting gliding effect.

How to use it?

Apply to the skin or your hand and rub in. It can also be applied to the genitals.

And don’t worry if you get some inside the vagina, penis or anus, it’s 100% compatible with intimate areas!

Any tips?
Use it all year round!

The coconut scent is perfect for any time of year and for all sexual encounters.

Add a little “Full Body Massage” after applying “Finger Play” or “Anal Play” to prolong the gliding effect of these water-based gels.

50 ml

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Bijoux Indiscrets Slow sex Finger play gel 30 ml

Hands on PLEASURE! Prolong arousal, natural lubrication and erections with this water-based gel designed for masturbation.

It contains aloe vera which nourishes and hydrates the skin, as you glide your fingers over your vulva or penis and achieve orgasm.

You can share it too!

Make your partner climax by gliding your fingers over their intimate area.

Pssstttt, it tastes and smells amazing… mmmm coconut!

– Compatible with toys and condoms.
– Perfect for stimulation of the clitoris, vulva or penis.
– Water-based. Contains aloe vera, take care of your skin!

How to use it?
Apply a few drops to your fingers, vulva or penis. Repeat as often as required.

Any tips?
Don’t be shy: suck, lick, kiss…

This gel is kissable so you can lick it, suck it or kiss it.

The sweet flavour invites your mouth to join in too.

30 ml

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Bijoux Indiscrets Slow sex Nipple play gel 10 ml

Did you know that nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of the body?

Turn that sensitivity into pleasure, stimulating the nipples with the metallic applicator of this cooling-effect gel.

A contrast of temperatures that will take you to climax and… don’t stop there!

Kiss the gel and transfer its cooling effect to other erogenous zones.

Pssstttt, the cooling effect intensifies in the genital area.

– Metallic roll-on applicator: enhances play and contrasts with body temperature.
– Transferable cooling effect: contains Frescolat, a patented molecule that intensifies in intimate areas. Kiss the gel and enjoy oral sex!
– Compatible with toys and condoms.

How to use it?
Unscrew the lid to discover the metallic applicator.

Apply the gel by rolling the applicator over the nipple, stimulating it until it becomes erect.

You will feel a gentle cooling effect that you can transfer to other erogenous zones.

Kiss it: when your lips touch the gel they will transfer it to wherever you kiss next.

Any tips?
If you love the cooling effect, feel free to store this gel in the fridge, where the cooling effect and contrast between the metal and your skin will intensify.

10 ml

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