According to research, young people are using less and less condoms and therefore more and more young people are having unsafe sex.

That is something we have to think about because STDs are increasing considerably worldwide, so that has to change.

As many of you have already noticed if you have ordered something in the past 2 months, your order includes a free condom.

Handy to put in your wallet or bag so that you always have protection with you.

Both men and women who have alternating sexual contact should have this standard with them.

So handy.

We regularly change the types of condoms we give away.

Last month it was the glow in the dark condoms, now it’s the smile condoms and what will it be the next round….:-)


Be smart, use a condom and say no to: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV. , Hepatitis B., Hepatitis C, Genital warts and HPV.