MOB has released new sexy underwear for him.

Sexy Jockstraps and Cockring harnesses for the Sexy self-conscious man.

These new sets are in One size and fit most.

We highlight a few for you here:

MOB Dngeon Snap Jockstrap Grey

Discover the Dngeon Chainlink Jockstrap, where audacious design meets unparalleled comfort.

This piece emanates a sense of edgy allure, masterfully crafted from robust faux leather that glistens in classic black and an array of fresh, modern colors.

The minimalistic back coverage is ingeniously conceived to enhance breathability, ensuring that even in the heat of the moment, you remain at the pinnacle of comfort.

Dominating the front is a distinctive chain-link pouch, which not only provides reliable support but also ups the ante in the game of seduction. Complementing this look are the broad straps, seamlessly resting on your hips, encapsulating the perfect balance of support and style.

Designed in Canada and ethically produced in Colombia by resilient women leading their families, the Dngeon Chainlink Jockstrap isn’t just innerwear, it’s an emblem of sustainable sensuality and responsible luxury.

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MOB Dngeon Cockring Jockstrap Gold

The Dngeon Cockring Jockstrap: a synthesis of bold design, superior comfort, and ethically driven production values.

Born from the artistic minds in Canada and meticulously crafted by dedicated women heads-of-households in Colombia, this piece of innerwear makes a statement, not just in style but in its essence. Proudly bearing wide straps that comfortably contour your hips, every detail, down to the strategically placed metal studs, captures attention.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the jockstrap’s open buttocks design not only offers a tantalizing view but also promises a smooth appearance under close-fitting attire. Dive into our fresh color range and let your inner confidence radiate.

Choosing Dngeon is not just about style; it’s about celebrating responsible craftsmanship, supporting sustainable energy, and cherishing the art of intimate wear.

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MOB Dngeon X Cross Chain Harness Black

Indulge in the seductive allure of the Dngeon Classic Cross Harness, an impeccable fusion of style and substance.

Meticulously crafted in plush faux leather, this harness stands out as an epitome of masculine elegance. Each stitch, a narrative of dedication, handcrafted by the resilient women of Colombia, who anchor their families with strength and pride.

This piece not only promises to accentuate the wearer’s physique but also resonates with a deep sense of ethical responsibility. Canadian design expertise gives it a cutting-edge finish, ensuring you make a bold statement each time you don it.

What sets it further apart is its sustainable production, woven together with renewable energy sources, making it as kind to the environment as it is tantalizing to the eye. Whether it’s for an intimate evening or a daring night out, the CLASSIC CROSS HARNESS promises an unforgettable impression.

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MOB Dngeon Straight Back Harness Pink

Discover Dngeon’s Straight Back Elastic Harness, where functionality seamlessly meets allure.

This expertly designed harness showcases a discreet ring, ensuring you’re not just looking good but feeling unparalleled comfort too.

Designed with a straight back, it offers exceptional support, ensuring every move you make feels natural and unrestricted. Its soft microfiber material gently caresses the skin, while the elasticity promises a snug, form-fitting embrace, celebrating every contour of your physique. The incorporation of striking metal rings elevates the design, capturing the essence of daring masculinity.

Inspired by contemporary Canadian design aesthetics and produced with utmost respect for the environment, this harness harnesses renewable energy in its creation. Furthermore, its ethical craftsmanship in Colombia, supported by dedicated women, ensures you’re investing in a product with a purpose.

Choose from an array of new and vibrant colors and express your style, confidence, and commitment to quality with Dngeon.

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