Make your fantasies come true with the FeelStar collection!

The sleeves in this collection recreate the most intimate face feature of the most famous porn stars.

The stroker synchronizes every movement the pornstar makes to ensure the most realistic, sensational experience as possible.

Victoria June’s FeelStar Stroker resembles the intimate parts of the latina adult star.

Victoria is of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage and has made her adult film debut in 2017. Known for her voluminous lips, it only seemed fitting that the next addition of the FeelVictoria collection included her famous mouth.

It was molded after Victoria’s mouth and lips, to bring her fans closer than ever to experiencing a blowjob from her.

The FeelStar Victoria June Mouth Stroker was designed to be used with PowerBlow, Kiiroo’s suction cap and Keon, Kiiroo’s masturbator.


PowerBlow is an interactive suction device that turns your favorite stroker into the ultimate blowjob machine. It can be seamlessly screwed onto the end of Kiiroo’s FeelStroker cases. 

With the PowerBlow, the user is able to create their own blowjob patterns, customize blowjobs and quickly connect to the FeelConnect app.

Please note: PowerBlow is currently only compatible with FeelVictoria June Mouth Stroker and the FeelSensation Non-Anatomical Stroker.

Together with one of the strokers, the PowerBlow can be paired to the Keon masturbator to experience the most realistic blowjob.

Key features:

Bluetooth connection provides manual and automatic modes

Customizable blowjobs: create your own blowjob patterns

Connect using FeelMe AI to experience interactive content

Compatible with FeelStar strokers

Compatible with strokers from other brands with similar shape

For information on how to use the Kiiroo PowerBlow, we advise you to download the user manual in the ‘Downloads’ section of this product.

Charging time: 90 minutes

User time: 60 minutes

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