Handy Interactive Masturbator 1.1 Attachment Mermaid Pearl

As the name suggests, the inside of the Pearl sleeve is dotted with soft pearl shapes in different sizes, to gently massage the length of the shaft.

The irregular placement of the pearls is designed to stimulate differently with each turn and stroke.

The additional pearls surrounding the opening of one end is perfect for massaging the tip of the penis.

The arrangement of pearl forms gradually intensifies from one end to the other, so you can try using the Pearl from either end to see what sensation you like the best!


Open-ended, flippable sleeve with gradient of pearl volumes from sparse to dense, allowing you to choose where you feel the most intense sensations

If used at the end with pearls at the entrance:

The ring of pearls surrounding the opening massages the glans, with a second ring of pearls just underneath that teases the frenulum.

A thick ring of large pearls gently squeezes and may act similarly to a cock ring, keeping you engorged for longer, when placed at the base of the shaft.

Indented rings on both ends are designed to help keep lubrication in the sleeve whilst also creating extra stimulation at the base and the tip of the penis.

Handy Interactive Masturbator 1.1 Attachment Mermaid Coral


A short, open-ended sleeve designed for targeted stimulation.

Firm but pliable nubs spiral around the inner length of the Coral sleeve, creating a thrilling sensation which you can focus exactly where you want because of its short length.

For those who are able to push the head of their penis out at the end to give their most sensitive area a break, this is great for edging and orgasm control during a session.


A firm texture and large inner elements create strong stimulation

Not as tight as other sleeves, allowing the inner elements to do most of the work and create pronounced sensations

Spiral arrangement of inner elements stimulates from all angles

Short length for easier control over where you want to concentrate the sensations

Handy Interactive Masturbator 1.1 Attachment Gen 2 Truegrip

The Handy TrueGrip Gen 2 Sleeve is based on the classic Original TrueGrip design, but with a longer length, thicker opening lip, and a textured outside surface to create a more secure hold (or a different sensation if flipped inside-out).

The longer length means that it can be held with a double-handed grip, creating more possibilities if used by itself outside of the Handy.

Handy Interactive Masturbator 1.1 Attachment Dream Touch 

Experience the wildest hand job with the Touch sleeve.

Touch is created as an open-ended sleeve with strategically placed “petals” to mimic the firm grip of an exhilarating hand job.

From the rounded entrance, you get intense stimulation on your frenulum and glans as you guide your penis through the ribbed texture.

Pushing through the 5-point “petals” throughout the sleeve, feel a sensation that mimics that of someone teasing your frenulum while giving you a hand job.

With different patterns and resistance from both ends of the sleeve, strokes are more rigid than the other sleeves in the Dream collection and you feel the inside of the sleeve significantly. Ideal for those looking for intense stimulation!

Using a water-based lubricant is recommended.