Thanks to MYHIXEL’s methodology, men can decide when to ejaculate through its most advanced technological solution: MYHIXEL Control.

MYHIXEL Control is a natural clinically proven solution with no side-effects, created to help men control and prolong their ejaculation time and improving their sexual health, helping them enjoy more their intimate moments and sexual relations.

This solution is based on the combination of an 8-week exercise program, included in a gamified application, MYHIXEL Play, together with the most innovative anatomically realistic stimulation device, MYHIXEL II.

MYHIXEL Control is for you if:

You have a lack of ejaculatory control, from the beginning of your sex life or acquired later in life.

You have a lack of ejaculatory control, usually or only occasionally.

You want to acquire total ejaculatory control and enjoy more.

You want to try a natural solution without side effects.

You believe that stress or anxiety influences your relationships.

You want to prolong your relationships up to 7 times more.


Anonymized and secure user data

Available on the Apple App Store & Google Play

Privacy protected and accessed with private code


Dimensions of MYHIXEL II

Width: 115 mm (4.51 inches)

Height: 220 mm (8.66 inches)


725 grams (25.57 oz) with lid

615 grams (21.69 oz) during use

Sleeve 366 grams

Manufacturing materials

Thermoplastic Elastomer



Lithium battery (waterproof magnet)


V5 100m distance approx.

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