To live a healthy life you need the right nutrition and you need to exercise but luckily you can do more fun stuff to improve your health.


How you like it most, with your hand or with a sextoy, masturbation is good for your health.
By nature orgasms are a relief of tension.
The body produces the hormone Oxytocin when you have a orgasm, this hormone is “the feel good” hormone that gives you a happy mood.
You can eat a donut or you choose to get a tube of lube and you get yourself.

It helps you last longer
According to a sex therapist who is mapping the behaviors about masturbation is it good for men how are struggling with premature ejaculations to masturbate 2 hours before they are going to have sex.

It Boosts your immune system
Again thanks to the hormones that comes free during and after a orgasm your Immune system level gets up.
When you regularly masturbate you are less vulnerable to infections and diseases.

It improves your sex life
Masturbation can improve your sex life in many ways. It doesn’t only learn you about what you like but it also improves the power in your muscles and that gives you a harder erection.

So you (and your) will enjoy the sex more.

So let’s Masturbate!