The Tenga Puffy line is unique. Meet all 3 Puffy’s.

Tenga Puffy Brown

 Cotton candy softness is our ideal for the ultimate, luxuriously encased in a world of softness with a smooth coating that’s soft to the touch.

The Latte Brown version features threaded ruffles at the start and end, accented by a wraparound swirly wrap center section that responds strongly to every squeeze of your hands!

The Mint Green version features threaded pleats at the start and end, where an arrangement of small beads and long ribs fills the gaps between the larger beads, creating a complex insert.

The Sugar White version has thread pleats at the beginning and end, and achieves a sense of unity and a slow and steady insertion by evenly arranging the thin sides and extruding the center section.

Tenga Puffy Green


Tenga Puffy Sugar White

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