Rebel is a brand with an extensive range of sex toys.

You can find everything from butt plugs to masturbators from Rebel.

We already have quite a few new products from this brand in our range and this will be expanded in the coming weeks.

We will highlight a few for you here:

Rebel Masturbator with 2 Functions

Sucks and vibrates for intense solo pleasure!

An easy-to-hold Masturbator with 2 Functions from Rebel that gets narrower towards the tip. The masturbator combines a suction function and vibration.

The 6 vibration modes and 3 suction modes provide variety and can be adjusted with the button on the toy.

The sleeve has numerous soft massaging dots and grooves inside. The sleeve can also be removed for cleaning. The included lid means that the masturbator can be stored discreetly and protected from dust. It can be recharged with the included USB cable.

Complete length 25.8 cm, insertion depth 14 m, inner Ø max. 3 cm, outer Ø 4.4 cm – 8.6 cm. ABS, TPE.

Easy-to-hold masturbator with a lid

With 6 vibration modes and 3 suction modes

With numerous massaging dots and grooves inside

Functions can be controlled separately

Massage sleeve can be removed for cleaning

Rechargeable – incl. USB cable

Cardboard tray

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Rebel Butt Plug with 2 Functions

Ready for some backdoor action!

The RC Butt Plug with 2 Functions from Rebel features a rotating massage head for comfortable prostate stimulation.

And the anal canal, anus and outer perineum are also pampered by intense vibrations. All-round anal pleasure that is truly intense and deep!

2 powerful motors make the anal vibrator rotate and vibrate. 9 rotation/vibration modes can be conveniently controlled at the touch of a button.

Either directly on the toy or conveniently with the remote control. With a range of 6 metres, it can also be controlled by a partner. Because it is waterproof, it can also be used in the bath, pool or shower.

Made of silky soft silicone and with a perfect ergonomic shape, the anal-safe Butt Plug with 2 Functions is easy to insert. With its flexible, vibrating perineum stimulator, it adapts perfectly to the anatomy and movements.

This means the butt plug can also be worn for extended periods of time. The textured stimulation grooves and soft perineal stimulation wings intensify the pleasure even more. The vibrations can be felt all the way to the balls.

Rechargeable – USB charging cable included.

Battery (CR2032) for remote control included.


Shaft total length 13.7 cm, insertion length 11.7 cm, Ø 1.7 cm – 3.3 cm.

Neck 10 cm long, max. 3.2 cm wide.

Weight 141 g.

Silicone, PU, ABS.

Dual motor anal vibrator with vibration

Convenient remote control

9 rotation/vibration modes

Rotating & vibrating P-spot massage head

Vibrating perineum stimulator

Stimulating grooves and perineum stimulation wings

Silky soft silicone


Rechargeable – USB cable included

Battery for the remote included

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Rebel Shaking Masturbator

Penis shaker for swinging handjobs!

Ultra-strong Shaking Masturbator from Rebel, which shakes vigorously and pulsates in a massaging frenzy to pleasure the penis and especially the glans and frenulum.

This is achieved by the powerful motor, which makes the swinging ball in the masturbator rotate rapidly. The shaking strength can be easily controlled in 3 modes at the touch of a button directly on the toy.

With its practical holding strap, the easy-grip masturbator lies firmly and securely in the hand. The distinctive groove texture of the inner sleeve also supports the intense shaking stimulation. The silky-soft, stretchy sleeve is removable for easy cleaning.

Rechargeable – USB cable included.

Complete length 14.8 cm, insertion depth 8.2 cm, Ø 2.3 cm (up to max. 4.6 cm).

Weight 359 g.

Silicone, PU, TPE, ABS.

Masturbator with handy holding strap

Ultra-strong shaking feature in 3 modes

Pronounced stimulating inner grooves

Silky-soft, removable sleeve

Easy to clean

Rechargeable – USB cable included

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Rebel Cock Vibrator

For intense hand jobs!

The Cock Vibrator from Rebel has flexible, fluttering vibro-wings that hold the penis in an arousing way. It then stimulates the penis and massages it intensely with its pronounced, stimulating grooves. The 10 vibration modes provide a lot of variety during a hand job. The buttons on the toy can be used to move up and down the modes.

The Cock Vibrator is easy to use and easy to hold which means that it is great for foreplay. It is covered in soft silicone material which feels great against the skin during masturbation and pleasure.

It can be recharged with the included USB cable.

Complete length 16 cm, wings 4 cm long, inner Ø 3.2 cm (very flexible). Weight 251 g. Silicone, PU, ABS.

Masturbator with flexible vibro-wings

10 vibration modes (+/– controls)

With pronounced, stimulating grooves

Velvety soft surface

Rechargeable – incl. USB cable

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Rebel Glans Masturbator with 2 Functions

Innovative vibrating massage for the precise stimulation of the head of the penis!

Compact Glans Masturbator with 2 Functions from Rebel with a new, innovative massage technique – The Super Sqeeze! The intense vibrations stimulate the glans and frenulum directly. World premiere: design and development Made in Germany!

The tip of the penis is gently enclosed in the nubby, soft sleeve. The sleeve narrows automatically in a constant change, rhythmically changing the inner diameter. This intense squeezing massage is perfectly supported by powerful vibrations.

3 massage speeds and 7 vibration modes provide plenty of variety. The two functions can be controlled directly on the toy at the touch of a button – separately or combined.

The sleeve can be removed from the masturbator for easy cleaning.

Rechargeable (LED battery indicator) – USB charging cable included.

Total length 20.4 cm, insertion depth 7.5 cm. Inner Ø 4.3 cm.

Weight 491 g.

ABS, PU, TPE, silicone (buttons).

Masturbation Innovation: The Super Squeeze

Glans masturbator with a rhythmic massage technique

World premiere: design and development Made in Germany

3 gripping massage speeds

7 thrilling vibration modes

Functions can be controlled separately

Nubbed stimulation texture

Removable soft sleeve

Compact and easy to use

Easy one-button controls

Rechargeable – USB charging cable included

LED battery indicator

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