Love to Love is a playful brand that makes sex toys for him and her and for you together.

They have an extensive range with a cheerful design.

If you are looking for a versatile vibrator, Witty might be something for you.

Love to Love Witty P&G vibrator with remote Indigo

Witty has been designed as a “switch” toy, allowing you to choose either a p-spot or g-spot stimulation.

Clitoral stimulation is reached by the ball at the end of the base.

The remote control allows you to give control to someone else or to make solo play easier. The p-spot or g-spot stimulator is equipped with 10 vibration modes, as well as the clitoral stimulator.

The two motors work independently or synergically.


Choose your stimulation: g-spot or p-spot

Equipped with 2 powerful motors

360° flexibility

Insertable length: 80 mm

Insertable width: 30 mm

Remote control range: 10 meters

Charging time: 120 minutes

Using time: 60 minutes

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Love to Love has also designed special toys for couples to enjoy new stimulation together.

Discover even more pleasure together with a couples vibrator like this one.

Love to Love Fireball Body massager & vibrator indigo

Fireball is a body massager and vibrator in 1.

The vibrating massage rollers will make your whole body tingle with delight, while the handy vibrator will satisfy all your desires.

In addition to delivering sexual pleasure, Fireball can be used to relax muscles and relieve aches and pains.

The massage rollers have 9 vibration modes as well as the vibrator part.

Fireball has a textured design for a more intense stimulation.


Insertable length: 12 cm

Insertable width: 3.7 cm

Charging time: 120 minutes

Running time: 60 minutes

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Even if you opt for a flexible dildo, you can opt for a radiant variant from Love to Love such as this One:

Love to Love DildoLL Sunrise 

Discover the Dildolls: colorful dildos made of 100% silicone. They have a curved shape to ensure a comfortable penetration for vaginal and anal use.

The dildo has an adhesive suction cup so it can be attached to any smooth, hard surface for handsfree use. For an even more enjoyable experience, we recommend a water-based lubricant.

After use, clean the dildo with warm, soapy water and with a suitable sex toy cleaner.


Fantasia: glow in the dark pastel

Glitzy: glittery pink

Utopia: faded pink to pastel blue

Nightfall: blue with glittery golden stars

Starlight: light pink with glittery golden stars

Sunrise: faded dark pink to light pink with glitters

Insertable length: 14 cm

Diameter suction cup: 7 cm

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Love to Love Flux ring stretchy cock ring blue 

Flux Ring is cockring that stimulates testicles and penis at the same time.

The cockring provides a light pressure to the penis, which will improve the erection and causes a delay to the ejaculation.

Flux ring is a stretchy cockring, waterproof and comfortable to wear.

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