We-Vibe is back in our range.

The brand for couples who want to experience new sensations together.

We-Vibe has various vibrators especially for couples, but also other toys.

We highlight a few for you here.

We-vibe Sync O

Perfect couple stimulation redefined again and again!

C-shaped Sync O couples vibrator from We-Vibe that pampers both during sex with 10 and more vibration modes. With its new revised loop design, the couples vibrator now has a unique stimulation arm in a flat oval ring shape that is easy to insert.

This means that the Sync O fits perfectly and is non-slip, is even more comfortable to wear and stimulates even more intensively and over a larger area. At the same time, the flexible, soft silky silicone vibrator remains beautifully flexible to adapt perfectly to the body and movements.

The vibrations are controlled easily and conveniently via your smartphone or the included remote. The Sync O is compatible with the We-Vibe app for IOS and Android via Bluetooth. Individual stimulation programmes can also be created here.

Synchronous vibrations to the rhythm of music are also possible. We-Connect also enables sexual closeness at a distance – worldwide.

Additional voice, chat and video functions are also integrated in the app. Fun anywhere is possible as the Sync O is waterproof.

Rechargeable – incl. USB charging cable.

8 cm x 4.4 cm x 4.5 cm.


Couples vibrator in a new loop design

Unique stimulation arm in oval ring shape

10+ vibration modes – convenient remote

Controllable via the We-Vibe App

Create personal vibration modes

Synchronous vibration to the rhythm of music

Sexual intimacy over a distance – across the globe

Including voice-, chat-, and video functions


Flexible & bendable – fits both perfectly

Silky sift silicone

Rechargeable – USB-cable included

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We-Vibe Chorus

The most intuitive couple vibrator by We-Vibe ever.

Worn during sex, Chorus adjusts to fit your body for just-right stimulation on both the clitoris and the G-spot.

Chorus is designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex.

She gets powerful stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot and together, you both share the vibe.

Uninterrupted pleasure.

Switch vibrations in the heat of the moment.

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We-vibe Sync 2

Perfect for couple’s stimulation!

The C-shaped couple’s vibrator Sync 2 from We-Vibe offers pleasure during sex with 10 vibration modes in 10 different speeds.

The revised design features a larger stimulation arm that reaches the G-spot even better and provides even more intense pleasure. The flexible, silky-soft silicone vibrator adapts perfecty to the bodies and movements.

The remote control also received an update, making controlling the vibrator even more convenient and easy. Of course, the Sync 2 is compatible with the We-Vibe app for IOS and Android via Bluetooth.

Here users can create their own individual stimulation programmes and control the vibrations conveniently via their smartphone. Vibrations to the rhythm of music are also possible. We-Connect also allows sexual closeness at a distance. Additional voice, chat and video functions are also integrated in the app. Thanks to being waterproof, fun can be had anywhere.

Rechargeable – magnetic USB cable included.

A storage bag with a new look is also included.

7.8 cm x 5.3 cm x 3.1 cm.


Couple’s vibrator – new updated version

10 vibration modes in 10 speeds

New remote control

Also controllable via We-Vibe app

Customisable vibration modes

Vibration synced to music

Long distance sexual closeness

Including voice, chat and video feature


Flexible and bendable – adapts perfectly to both users

Silky silicone

Rechargeable – magnetic USB cable included

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We Vibe Date night set

A real value pack at an unbeatable price point, the We-Vibe Date Night Set offers two iconic We-Vibe products in rich Green Velvet with luxurious golden charging pins.

Beyond a classic rabbit vibrator, Nova 2’s features are perfect to spice up for your foreplay.

Effortlessly maintains constant contact with the clitoris while stimulating the G-spot for non-stop pleasure.

Soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear, Pivot provides fuller, longer-lasting erections and pleasurable vibrations that you can both enjoy during sex.

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