Talking about sex can be very sexy but when it comes to communicating about sex it get’s a little bit harder. Everybody who has been or is in a long term relationship knows this is important to do.

But where do couples need to communicate about when it comes to sex?

What do you like and what’s a no go

You want a satisfying sex life with your partner, but they don’t know what’s satisfying for you. They can’t read your mind so let him or her know what turns you on and what’s the deal breaker.

Be open to try some new things, you never know what it can bring you.

How often do you have sex

Everybody has another libido, that’s ok.
You and your partner probably don’t have the same need for sex but you can compromise so you both have a for fulling sex life.


You will be surprised to find out what some people see as cheating. What you see as normal doesn’t mean that your partner shares this feeling. For instance: do you think it’s cheating when you partner goes out for a drink with another women or men?

Talk about this so you understand each other.


It can be scary to talk to your partner about your secret fantasy’s. You don’t have to bring them up on the first date.
But when you together for a while it is recommended that you start this conversation so you can share some of your fantasy’s with your partner.

It will keep your sex life for fulling and excited.


Every partner needs to feel appreciated. You would not believe how many persons are cheating just because they don’t feel appreciated.
What do you need to feel appreciated and what does your partner need?

For some it is a kind word, some need to get a gift and some need some alone time with there partner.