We have noticed that there are several fake websites active that use our name and product information on their fake website.

So be careful and only order our products on our official website www.erotouch.eu

We are doing everything we can to take these websites offline, but unfortunately that will take a while, so be careful where you order online. Now this is of course a general problem on the internet, which unfortunately causes many customers to be scammed.

What should you pay attention to, to ensure that the webshop you ordered from is a real webshop:

Check the security lock in the address bar

Click with your mouse on the lock in the address bar. You will then see that the certificate has been checked (Verified or Valid is usually stated). If the website is not secure, you will see this. You may also see: not secure. Now you know that it is better not to visit the website.

Check the quality mark

If you visit a webshop: check whether that website has a quality mark. When you see the quality mark, don’t immediately think: nice, safe. You can put that quality mark on your website. To be sure, go to the website of that quality mark and check whether that webshop is listed there. In our case we are at https://www.webwinkelkeur.nl

Check if it is a fake site

A useful website that checks whether the website you are about to visit is a real site – is http://www.scamadviser.com   Here you can see whether the site is green (okay) or red (not okay).

PS You do not have a 100% guarantee that you are on a safe website. The site itself says ‘This site looks safe to us’.
Always be alert when you order something for the first time.
Is there also address information listed, and if so is it an existing address?
If in serious doubt, don’t order it.
If you check all these points carefully, you are much less likely to be scammed.