Ion was created to intensify the male orgasm experience. lt stimulates sensitive Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum of the penis. These receptors are key to creating intense orgasms, though they cannot be fully activated by traditional stimulation techniques (ex. stroking, manual masturbation). Ion targets the Pacinian nerves creating a powerful, new kind of orgasm.

Pleasure Air
Pleasure Air is a patented technology using pulsating airwaves to target Pacinian Receptors in a new mind-blowing way. The Arcwave Ion is the world’s first Pleasure Air™ stroker.

Smart Silence
Smart Silence will not allow lon’s motor to run until the Pleasure Air sensor inside the sleeve makes contact with skin. This conserves battery power and eliminates
unwanted noise. Turn this feature off by pressing the
Smart Silence button for 1 second for the Pleasure Air™ pulsations to run continuously.

Ergonomie Design
Ion is comfortable to hold and its innovative CleanTech silicone is more hygienic, durable and easy to clean than other materials on the market. lt is highly flexible to accomodate most sizes. The storage case also charges Ion and helps with the drying process after cleaning.

Twist to Open
Cleaning your device has never been easier with lon’s Twist to Open mechanism. Twist the two parts away from each other for easy access. After use, rinse under water and dry in storage case.

Ion can also be used as a stroker!

Additional Features
• 100% Waterproof
• 8 lntensity Levels
• LED Charge Level Indicator Lights
• USB rechargeable
• Storage base tor charging & drying (includes Dryîech stick & Dryîeck pack)