10 years experience

We exist already 10 years and for 7 years we have a webshop.
We have welcomed customers around the world.

We buy our products with experience and care which means that we notice what is really good for the user, where the demand is and what is safe for the body. We buy our products worldwide and from international erotic fairs.

We keep an close eye on the innovations within the adult industry so that we are often the first to offer the latest specials. We are certainly not as many erotic webshop only concerned with trade but rather with love for the profession.

Eroticism should be a pleasure and we want to help our customers.


Our packages are always sent in blank boxes so you do not get red ears when the postman is at your door.

Just a simple brown or white box where you order is in.

Regular customers special

We often give our regular customers a gift when ordering. When you are a regular customer you often get something extra with your order.
So you can try different things that you might not have thought of.

This is not listed on the site and it shows when you receive your order at home.

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